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Our Story

Who knew a few years ago working in the same building that two coworkers would have the same love and passion for vintage treasure…

“It all started with a trip to our nation’s capital. On that particular day, we discovered that we both have an appreciation of art, history, and architecture. Our friendship grew while traveling together to various places and planning one of our weddings in 2016. While talking and collaborating details for the wedding, we realized that we have more in common and enjoy working with decor.

Originally one of us had the intent to start a floral business (with interest in adding rentals in the future), but then we both found ourselves obsessing over the rental option. From there we decided to combine our small established collections and continue our journey through auctions, antique shops, estate sales, etc.

So in August of 2016, we officially founded East Vintage Charm: Rental.Floral.Design. We love what we do and are blessed to be part of the rental and floral industry. We believe that our pieces can tell your story and give your event a piece of vintage charm. We cannot wait to share them with you.”

Photography Credit: Amanda MacPhee Studios

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“What can I say, I’m a sucker for crafts, DIY projects, and flowers (especially lavender). I absolutely love tackling anything creative and adding my own touches to it. That trait practically runs in my family. My dad can complete most DIY projects, whereas my mom can paint and draw just about anything. When it comes to floral, my grandmother is the one who showed me the ropes. She had always made arrangements for her church, and loved making bouquets and centerpieces for weddings of family and friends. That inspiration carries on within me today.

Along with my creative side, I absolutely love spending time with my family and friends, playing with my girls (my two golden retrievers), and traveling to intriguing places. I can also be caught getting lost in anything that involves history. For instance, during my trip to Ireland with my cousin we participated in a guided tour in one of the castles there (Kilkenny Castle). The history behind those stone walls just put me in an awe. I believe I was the only one from that group that decided to pick the tour guide's mind towards the end of the tour. Also, it was too bad I could not snatch any furniture pieces from there because they sure were amazing.

So there you have it, my passion for floral, DIY, and history all in one. I am so glad that I have run into this opportunity to run a creative business with an awesome friend and love what we get to do each day.”

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“I can say I have always wanted to know the history behind everything. Nosy perhaps. History, everything old, worn, torn, and vintage can tell a story. Finding something old and bringing it to life inspires me, and is a huge accomplishment. While I spend most of my time working, I do love to travel, explore, run, and the outdoors. The best part about my life is my family. I love them very much and could not do what I do without their support. I also love…LOVE. Yup, I love all that mushy-gushy stuff!

I recently tied the knot in October of 2016. I planned everything. Though stressful at times, it was an amazing experience. From DIY projects with the best carpenter in town (my dad), to arranging all the vendors, to picking out all the small details. I can say it was full of unforgettable experiences, and I developed more of an appreciation for my vendors through the process. They were so amazing and made my day perfect. I want to take what I learned from them and make someone else’s special day just as special as they made mine.

I knew this path was a perfect fit for me by loving to help people, making others smile (it’s contagious), embracing the love for everything vintage, and having an eye for hosting and planning.”